About Barru Kelpies


Barru aims to produce paddock style dogs with the ‘class’ herding attributes of the kelpies of old. First and foremost our dogs must have cover, break and a natural distance off their stock. But this is not to be at the detriment of walk-up strength and stock-shifting ability.

We breed for a ‘willingness to comply’ which greatly aids in the training process. This trait helps in establishing a strong bond between dog and handler for a healthy working relationship and for loyal companionship.

Every sire and dam used at Barru has displayed all of these attributes from their first look at stock. We aim for ‘natural’ dogs and not ‘made’ dogs. You will see that most of the footage on this site is of dogs pretty much working on their own and minimal commanding. We want you to see the natural work in our dogs and not something we have created just through training.

  1. Barru Working Kelpie stud is owned and managed by Scott Amon and his family. It is situated in the picturesque Crossmaglen Valley on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

  2. Barru runs a herd of purebred and crossbred brahman cattle and a small flock of sheep for starting and training purposes.

  3. All breeders and pups are registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia and are sold with a guarantee to work.

  4. The stud is based on Karrawarra bloodlines and infuses other complimentary lines such as Riana, and a small amount of Capree blood has been used as an outcross into certain matings.

  5. The stud was established in 1998 and Scott has been training and handling working dogs since 1984.

Aims and objectives